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“Elly Swartz was instrumental in my son Brian’s success in getting into his top schools. Brian is an excellent student and a strong writer. However, we learned with our first son that good writing technique although required is not what makes your child stand out among the ever increasing pool of applicants. Elly provided valuable input on the unique selection of the theme for Brian’s essays and edited his work to ensure it had the appropriate tone. With Elly’s assistance, Brian was accepted into all three of his top schools.”
        -Reesa, Newton, MA
“Elly’s personal experience as an accomplished author and parent is reflected in her ability to put students at ease and help them express their 'voice' during the application process. Her intuitive questions guided my children to explore their unique attributes even before they began writing their essays. Elly, as a skilled writing coach, motivated my children to produce concise, expressive and interesting application essays. Moreover, her systematic approach combined with her compassionate demeanor is calming (to both students and parents!) during what could otherwise be an anxious time."
       -Joan, Newton, MA
"Elly did a great job editing our son’s essays for his college applications. His essays were written by him, using his own ideas and his own words. It was helpful to have someone objectively read the essays and give him constructive feedback to facilitate the process of cleaning them up. Elly is an extremely talented writer with tremendous experience. Her ability to coach our son through the process of editing his work and still keep it truly his was really what he was looking for.  We are tremendously grateful for the professional and compassionate help."  
      -Laurie, Newton, MA
"Elly worked with my son to advise and shape his essays.  She promptly provided positive feedback, constructive criticism, and clear editing suggestions.  She helped him decide what to cut, and what to keep when he had to transform essays to meet word requirements.  Additionally, when faced with an unclear prompt, he reached out to Elly on his own to get clarity about how to approach the essay.  Eli was accepted at every school he applied to and received a fellowship for full tuition for 4 years at his first choice school.  The best part is that they worked synergistically on-line, as we are located on the West coast!"
     -Faith, Bainbridge Island, WA
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